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Our vision is for a positive experience for our community of Retreat guests and for the local people and local businesses.

Our commitment to respecting the local culture is paramount and protecting the environment is also at the heart of what we do.

We are committed to sustainable travel experiences and making a positive impact to the local environment and culture, whilst helping to generate employment for local people.

Low Carbon Footprint

In creating The Retreat, we were steadfast in our determination to minimize our carbon footprint during the build, so at each and every step we painstakingly sought materials that were local to the immediate region.  
Furniture was commissioned and simply and beautifully crafted by local craftsmen. Where possible we have used, recycled and reclaimed materials.    We chose Cedar wood and travertine natural stone as our cornerstone materials for the interior walls and floors. We used natural limestone rocks to create the boundary for our retreat.

We designed the bedroom and bathroom furniture to be in keeping with our vision, a focus on natural, simple, robust and comfortable. We chose natural materials such as locally grown cedar wood, used by local craftsmen to make our beds, wardrobes, bedside cabinets, mirrors and tables.

Locally grown cedar wood has also been used for the yoga studio floor and the living and dining room floor.  The bathroom walls and floors are clad in beautiful natural travertine limestone marble. The retreat is enclosed using natural stone walls which blends naturally with its environment.

ECO – Friendly


Our hot water is solar powered on site with solar panels located on the roof of our sleeping quarters.

Waste water is dealt within in an eco friendly manner – using on site natural cesspit buried underground and allowing waste to be naturally absorbed.


Our entire vegetarian menu is locally sourced, with the  aim to  reduce not only the impact of transportation and farming on the environment but also supports the growth of local businesses.

Food waste and leftovers are shared by our local staff and any vegetable/fruit peels etc are given to our neighbours feed to his goats.

Our food has a carbon footprint is as close to zero as we could possibly find, without growing it ourselves, our fruit and vegetables are locally grown within a 1 km of our site, and fish caught by local fishermen.

We truly believe that it possible to achieve our vision, without short changing our guests and most importantly the planet. Its hasn’t been easy, but we are proud of what we have achieved thus far, and hope you can join our “community” and support our vision.