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About us

Bespoke Retreats …*

* it’s entirely up to you

Hello.  We are Turquoise Retreat

We do fitness, yoga, wellness, mountain hikes, scuba diving, massage, boat trips, retreats and more..

Our retreat is perfectly located to give you access to some of the most acclaimed beaches in the whole of Turkey, against the backdrop of the imperious Taurus mountain range. We also have the Lycian Way on our door step.
If you are after adventure, then there are a bunch of activities within our immediate vicinity including, hiking, scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, wakeboarding, paragliding, canyoning, horse riding and even skiing!

We are located just outside of the town of Kalkan, a gorgeous old fishing port – bustling with shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. It’s just over an hour’s drive east from Dalaman Airport heading towards the larger coastal town of Kas. The retreat feels deep within the Turkish mountain countryside, yet we are just an 6 minute drive from Kalkan and the nearest beach.


Seeking to find an alternative and more meaningful way to the hectic lives that we had been caught up in, we came together to ponder, discuss and find a different way… of creating experiences, replenishing the soul and creating a haven for likeminded people without damaging the environment, one’s spirit or bank balance.

We set out to look for the ideal location for our vision, and on a trip to Turkey, we stumbled upon a secluded pretty mountain village just above Kalkan Bay. At 600m above sea level, it’s a place of soothing tranquillity and rustic charm set against the dramatic backdrop of the Taurus Mountains with the views of the Mediterranean sea. 

In the heart of village you can still find a traditional way of life, unchanged throughout the centuries: an old tea house, a bakery where flour is still ground by millstones and shepherds herding their goats among the olive trees and grave vineyards.

After much deliberation, effort and expense and we created the Turquoise Retreat……, a place to unwind, to swim, to yoga, to hike, to enjoy each other’s company, to refuel with healthy wholesome locally grown food, to simply pause, breathe and to just be.

Should you wish to experience a more vibrant expression of Turkish life, Kalkan with its beach clubs, cosmopolitan waterfront bars and rooftop restaurants, is just a short drive away, giving you the best of all worlds.

Our aim is to support, nurture and respect the local community, and to this end we are proud to support the following causes.